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Tong Yang Major launches ‘TOP CON' 2007/06/20

“Number One Spirit” embodied in TOP CON, a high quality ready-mixed concrete brand

Tong Yang Major held a ceremony to launch its new ready-mixed concrete brand, ‘TOP CON’, at the Tong Yang Creativity Center on July 19.  The proceedings were attended by 170 executives and employees, including Chairman Hyun Jae-hyun and Vice Chairman Noh Young-in of Tong Yang Major.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Tong Yang Major is introducing ‘TOP CON,’ a ready-mixed concrete brand, embodying Tong Yang’s “number one spirit” that has helped it to reach the top in specialized fields. TOP CON is an acronym of the words Technology, Organization, Pride, Client, On-time, and Network, implying that the Company will supply the best quality and services to its clients in a timely manner.

To this end, Tong Yang Major has actively invested in R&D, moving and expanding its Technology Research Institute to Jincheon in Chungcheongbuk-do, to strengthen its capacity to provide on-site assistance. Currently the ready-mixed concrete industry faces obstacles in maintaining quality, as securing high-quality raw material has become difficult due to a depletion of aggregates and tightened environmental regulations. In addition, fierce competition within the industry has led to a decline in prime cost, undermining the quality of service provided to clients. Thus, Tong Yang Major will focus on carrying out tailored research to meet the wide-ranging demands of construction sites for products and services in a timely manner, and strive to enhance its technology through various projects.

Furthermore, the Company is currently hiring outstanding talents through education on quality to technicians in the Quality Management Office, and through a systematic talent nurturing strategy. As well, the Company has a “Before Service” program, in which the newly-established Customer Support Team makes regular visits to client companies in order to upgrade the service provided. The Company also operates the Bluebird Line (080-023-7171), to hear the various demands of customers.

Along with such efforts, Tong Yang Major has established a nationwide network to seamlessly supply top-quality products, and will continue to expand this network.

In the declaration ceremony of the brand “TOP CON,” Chairman Hyun Jae-hyun of Tong Yang Major stated, “Selecting and declaring the TOP CON brand identity will set a new business model for the ready-mixed concrete industry, and Tong Yang Cement’s expertise in quality management and R&D will bring the best results.”

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